eBay Listing Template Custom Colour Examples

Below are some examples of customer projects we have produced with custom colours using our £65 eBay listing template design.

These are all live examples and are just an indication of the variation that can be created using our themes. As you will see using our base themes as the starting point,  with a bit of personalisation and good colour combinations it is still possible to create some very unique looking finished results.

NOTE: Most of the examples below cost our standard one off fee of £65 (inc vat). There are a few examples we have shown that had some additional customisation of layout/banners which required a bit of extra custom work. There was a small additional charge for the extra work on these projects. Some examples may show movement in the header area or categories on the listing template page, these are being updated in line with eBay’s 2017 dynamic content restrictions.

To view examples of a particular theme, use the filter links below (default set to show ALL).