It is with regret that due to a number of factors Designastore eBay templates has now ceased trading.

We have closed our offices and can no longer offer new templates or revise existing ones. We have shutdown all servers and you may be experiencing issues with the template you previously purchased.

Rather than just close down and leave years worth of active templates broken, we have arranged with a 3rd party to host any images/scripts required to keep the templates live and functional on the web. There will be an ongoing cost of £2 per month or £20 per year to cover the hosting costs and it can continue as long as is required.

Simply click on the link below to sign up to the hosting and this should automatically trigger the hosting to activate with your old template files. Within about an hour the template should re-appear as normal on eBay again and should function as normal for as long as required or until you cancel the hosting.

We like to apologise for any inconvenience our closure causes, but unfortunately it was unavoidable. Hopefully giving an option to continue to use the template will help.

NOTE: If you are already paying a monthly subscription for hosting prior August 2020  then your template should not be affected. If you are experiencing problems then please use the contact us form to send a message and someone will take a look for you

Best Regards